Five Stunning Paris Wedding Venues

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Did I ever tell you about how the power of visualization once led me to spend a warm evening along the Seine with a handsome Frenchman? Stick with me, because I promise that this is related to iconic Paris wedding venues… Trust me on this one!

It was another evening in Paris for me, one of many… 

The breeze was refreshing yet the sun was warm, and I was watching the boats bob down the river from my favorite bridge in the city as they carried tourists, sailors, and lovers to their respective destinations. All of these elements together caused a specific thought to pop into my head at that moment:

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to kiss right now?”

In my mind’s eye, I visualized a handsome stranger passing through on this very bridge.

Maybe he’s just about to cross the street again before he realizes he’s very taken with me, so of course he must turn back. And when he does, we’ll spend the rest of this leisurely evening exploring the city together, saying “yes” to any opportunity the universe presents to us.

It was not even ten minutes later that an attractive French businessman strolled past, briefcase in hand, heading home from work. He glanced my way. Our eyes met. Smile. Interest. He kept walking. I channeled my best “Maybe you should come back and talk to me?” energy. 

Not even a minute had passed before the handsome Frenchman was back. After an initial hello and get to know you chat, we were wandering the streets of Paris together.

I should pump the brakes before you begin to suspect that I’m now happily married to this mysterious and devilishly handsome French man. I could certainly let my mind wander there, and as unafraid as I am to take risks, committing to a lifetime with a man after one date is a little out there (even for me). 

But, if you’re here, skimming through a blog post on the Internet about stunning Paris wedding venues, then I can assume one of three things:

  • You’re engaged (Congratulations! I’m D’Arcy, noted and sought after destination wedding photographer. How are ya?!). 
  • You’re dreaming for the future (No rock yet, though). You’re helping someone tie the knot in Paris, the most romantic city in the world (We could all use a friend like you!).

Whatever camp you’re in, here’s the thing: we can’t all be Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and rent out The Palace of Versailles for our wedding party posse (as much as we all deserve to live like a Marie Antoinette for a day, minus the beheading part). No matter your bridal style (I welcome both macaron nibbles and flaky pain au chocolat bites here), Paris has a certain kind of timeless, romantic magic that will have you falling in love all over again under a twinkling Eiffel Tower.

Whatever camp you’re in, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Without further ado, here’s five of my favorite Parisian wedding venues for a day you’ll be dreaming about until your next warm baguette:

1. The Ritz Paris

Trust me when I say I would be truly remiss if I didn’t include The Ritz on this list of iconic Parisian wedding venues. As the most famous hotel in The City of Lights, The Ritz doesn’t disappoint. Arrive ready to be floored with the exquisitely decorated guest rooms and world-renowned service. These walls have been home to Coco Chanel, Ernest Hemingway, and so many more famous people I don’t have the time to list here. A ballroom celebration here will have your luxe, modern yet traditional Paris wedding dreams fulfilled (and then some). 

2. Shangri La Hotel 

Get ready to splurge (it’s your wedding after all, and I think you deserve a room with a view). The Shangri La Hotel used to be a palace, so expect to enjoy your stay feeling like a freaking queen. The elegant backdrop, mixed with the venue’s incredible local history, will set the scene for a luxurious, unforgettable wedding celebration. The exquisite adornments around every corner will take your breath away. Trust me on this one!

3. Laperouse

Steps away from the iconic Gothic Sainte Chapelle chapel, this three Michelin star restaurant is a vision of opulence and old-world charm (but still chic). The menu at Laperouse is divine and distinguished, making it a strong contender for your Parisian welcome dinner or intimate wedding celebration. Get the foie gras and prepare for an evening surrounded by your closest friends by candlelight in a private dining salon.

4. Parc De Bagatelle

Ready to channel French aristocracy on your wedding day? Look no further than Parc De Bagatelle. Take a step back in time as you say your vows looking out beyond an 18th-century landscaped park & chateau, with a Chinese-style pagoda, waterfalls, and peacocks (yes, peacocks!). If an outdoor wedding celebration featuring old-world architecture and a garden bursting with flowers is your jam, then this is the wedding locale of your dreams. 

5. France Ameriques

Sparkling chandeliers, exquisite ceiling paintings, and crown molding adorned in gold, this iconic Paris wedding venue is as chic as it’s steeped in history. A short walk away from the Grand Palais, everything about this destination is dreamy. The France Ameriques is often used for showings during Paris fashion week and important business people schmoozing overseas colleagues with the best that Paris has to offer. Take a stroll down one of the several elegant grand staircases and feel like royalty on your wedding day. 

Honorable Mention: Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Though I haven’t shot a wedding at the Mandarin Oriental in Paris, I’ve photographed a wedding at the Mandarin Oriental in Singapore and trust me when I say it’s drop.dead.gorgeous. If you have the opportunity to shoot here, don’t walk. Run! And feel your heart grow three sizes when you photograph all the goodness. 

Where will you celebrate your iconic Parisian nuptials? Did you find any Paris wedding inspiration here? Send me a note and let me know! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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