Spring Blossoms with Tinge Floral: Part 1

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I can’t even tell you how funny it was to gather all the blossoms of this STUNNING bouquet. I literally knocked on doors of homes who had gorgeous blossoms and asked them. Most people thought I was crazy, one lady applauded my efforts for my “art”, but I have to admit that not a single person said no to me. So, I chopped branches legally!

I took them over to sweet Ashley’s house  (of Tinge Floral) and a few hours later she brought me the most incredible bouquet of blossoms I have ever seen! Exactly what my dreams had been wanting! Seriously!

Brenna, my fearless model, and I work up at 5 am and met the MUAH artist, Nina Kim, at my house and worked magic to get out to the Salt Flats just as the sun was rising. The last photo in this series alone was worth all the cold and lack of sleep.

Thank you to Lily Bride Designs for use of this stunning blush gown!

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